Yoga Mats:  Mats are available to rent for $1.00.  

Wear: Light comfortable clothing that allows you to move and stretch. Be careful about wearing a large loose shirt - because it might fall over your head. 

SHORTS - make sure the legs are tight enough to keep your "assets" covered while your legs are up in the air!

Shoes: Yoga is done in bare feet..

Preparation: Wait a minimum of two hours after eating before taking a class.

Medical condition:  Check with your doctor first.  Be sure it's safe for you to practice Yoga.

Class Rates - $10 for walk-in during the week and $5 for the week-end classes.

Classes are for adults.  Students age 13 to 15 may attend if accompanied by an adult.  Students under age 18 must have a parent sign their waiver.

New to yoga or to our studio?  Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class and let the instructor know that you are a new student.  Print waiver - click here - fill it out and bring it with you to class.  Let the instructor know if you have any injuries (old or new) where you may have to pay special attention.  HOWEVER, we are not medical professionals.  If you have questions as to whether it is safe for you to practice yoga, consult with your doctor first.  YOU and you alone are responsible for your own safety and well-being and your decision to practice yoga. 

New to yoga?  Try the Beginner's Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Light, or Yin Yoga classes.

How to Be an Exemplary Yoga Student!

1. Respect the Teacher - When you enter class, you sign on to respect the teacher for the class session.  If you don't care for the teacher or style -continue with the class, follow instructions, and take your Savasana.  Be open to the experience.   

2.  Please turn off your cell phone!  If you forget and your phone rings during class, please turn it off immediately.

3.  Refrain from wearing perfume or fragrances.  Many people are sensitive or allergic.  If you smoke, be aware that smoke lingers on your clothes and body.  

4. Keep Variations Appropriate! If some of the poses are too hard, it's ok to do a more basic variation.  If you are attending a basic class, stick to the basic versions of the poses so you don't confuse new students. The teacher will offer you the option to take a more advanced variation when appropriate.

5. Remove your shoes and place them by the front door. We practice barefoot.  Please do not step on another person's mat without first asking their permission.

6.  Chewing gum is not safe in Yoga because of the way we practice breathing and/or lay on our backs.  Before you throw it away, please be considerate and wrap your gum in a tissue, so we won't have to scrape it out of the trash cans - yucky!

7. Don't skip Savasana.  Final relaxation is an important part of yoga practice.  Wait until the teacher indicates class is over before you begin to stir around and gather your belongings.  Speak quietly in consideration of your fellow students' practice.


         We thank you and your fellow students thank you!






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